The Ripple Effect of Kindness, Generosity & Love.

Following the passing of our dear colleague Celia, I was struck by the outpouring of love and generosity by this very community, our Maison Apothecare community. 

We opened our hearts with all of you by expressing our sadness and you responded in the most incredible ways. Sharing compassionate words of condolence, stories of your own loss and the memories of your loved ones, flowers, donations and acts of kindness I never would have thought of. By doing so, you touched our entire team, which in turn created a ripple effect of generosity, a deeper sense of caring for one another.

The funds that have been raised through the sale of our salves and healing oil balm, as well as monetary donations, is much appreciated by Celia's loved ones.

In a world that seems a bit painful and hard at the moment, you were there for us, allowing us to grieve and begin to heal. We can't thank you enough.

You continue to be the inspiration for everything we do here at Maison Apothecare and Lemon Aide. We know the sun will rise again and that hope shines brightly.

Warmest regards,
Natacha, Carrie, Wendy, Jordan, Cora, Alison, Mary Rose, Meldred and Olivia