Meet Tara Tomulka, Founder of Rawcology

In early March our Lemon Aide Kitchen Hand Wash was featured in Sobey's "Fab Female Local Box", an initiative to celebrate and bring awareness to female founded local businesses.

Our own Founder, Natacha met Tara Tomulka, Founder of Rawcology during the preparation of the boxes and our latest collaboration was born! We'll be gifting all customers a 200g bag of Rawcology granola beginning March 25th, while quantities last, both in-store and online on all qualifying purchases*. Rawcology will also be gifting their customers a bottle of our best selling, Lemon Aide All-Surface Cleaner. 

Learn a bit more Tara and Rawcology below, a line of organic superfood coconut chips and raw crunch granola.


What inspired you to create Rawcology?  

After leaving a career in corporate communications to become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, I launched Rawcology because I was dissatisfied with the lack of truly healthy and delicious packaged food products available in the market and wanted to create healthier, better-for-you snacks using organic, plant-based, low sugar and allergy friendly ingredients. In living a plant-based lifestyle for years and experiencing the positive changes that having a holistic approach to health can have on your mind, body and spirit, I wanted to create a business that would empower individuals to find joy in eating real, whole foods and plants as much as possible. 

What three things would you tell an entrepreneur just starting their own business?    

  1. a) Often the hardest part is getting started. Don’t get too caught up in having everything be so perfect when you launch. Know that you can launch, listen to the market, adjust your offerings, adapt and grow. 
  2. b) Fail forward. It’s inevitable that you’re going to have failures along the way. When you aren’t afraid to lose, you can discover that it’s in trying that you win. 
  3. c) Embrace being comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

How are your products different and why? 

  1. At Rawcology, we manufacture our products in our own dedicated facility that’s free from the top 11 allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, dairy and soy, so that everyone can enjoy them regardless of dietary restrictions. Our products can be shared with confidence and are school friendly. 
  2. We are committed to using the highest quality organic ingredients and superfoods for optimal nutrition. Each of our products contain unique functional superfoods, such as raw cacao powder, maca, matcha, turmeric, or wild blueberries, that are beneficial for your overall health and immunity. Visit our website for more details on how each of these functional ingredients can support immunity.
  3. We offer low sugar, refined sugar free and no added sugar products. Too many packaged food products are loaded with refined sugars and have multiple sources of sugar, such as white sugar, rice syrup, corn syrup, and maltodextrin, that are detrimental to our health and wreak havoc on our immunity. At Rawcology, our products are sweetened with organic, natural sugars that are lower on the glycemic index, such as coconut sugar and coconut nectar, that don’t skyrocket blood sugar levels, and we have options that have no added sugars, too! 

What is your most important “sacred” part of the day routine and what does it involve to keep you feeling your best? 

My most sacred part of the day is my morning routine. I’m an early riser and like to carve out quiet time to ease into the day. This quiet time includes a 10 minute morning meditation session through the Calm app. I do it while sitting on the couch, with my dog cuddled up beside me and my warm coffee in hand. Having this time makes a world of a difference to clear my thoughts and feel my best for the day ahead! 

The last year has been challenging in many ways, what is keeping you positive and inspired in your personal life and in business?

Despite the hardships experienced this past year, having a gratitude practice has kept me grounded, positive and inspired to keep pushing forward in my personal life and in business. I constantly remind myself of all the things I have to be grateful for, including family and friends I love and am loved and supported by in return, and the opportunity to inspire and engage Rawcology’s community to achieve improved wellbeing. I know that I have the power to effect positive change and my desire to never stop learning and growing in both my personal and business pursuits keeps me motivated and inspired to reach new heights.

Are there any new products or exciting news you might have coming up that we can share?

Yes! We have some exciting new products launching this May. I can’t share exactly what it is but it contains gut friendly functional ingredients to keep you feeling your best throughout the day. Stay tuned on and sign up for our newsletter for this exciting announcement and sweet launch perks happening this May! 


 *In order to qualify for the gift with purchase, your total order must be $35.00 (or more) pre-tax.