Self-Care Amidst Change

Mental health has been on my mind, which is the right place for it to be. Bidding  farewell to our Niagara-on-the-lake store brought up emotions that took me by surprise.  It has been a stressful, draining and sad at times. 

Opening retail stores fulfills my deep longing for creating beautiful healing spaces.  It's a personal experience imbedded with family memories because my husband, my son and daughter have always been apart of the process.   It brings excitement and hopefulness at the idea of connecting with customers, old and new.  NOTL was my first brick & mortar store and I was terrified about the commitment.   Little did I know that this tiny shop would become a portal to like-minded customers around the world and that some of these relationships would blossom into something special.

In packing up our Niagara shop,  I’ve had to prioritize self-care to keep myself grounded during this transition.  While baths and skincare may not solve mental health issues, they can contribute to greater well-being and a sense of calm and grounding, especially during turbulent times.  In my world,  self-care essential for my wellbeing - mind + body + spirit.  Taking time for oneself, engaging in activities that bring joy and relaxation, and prioritizing self-care can help reduce stress, improve overall mood, and enhance emotional well-being. The busier I become, the more I need to carve out intentional time for myself, even if it’s only 5 minutes. 

Remembering that self-care is unique to each person, and what works for one may not work for another, I invite you to discover what resonates with you and brings you peace and fulfillment.  Being present, feeling into my body while I apply the Night Healing Oil as I breathe deeply, taking in the uplifting scent of jasmine, has been one mindfulness practice that I look forward to every night.  Quality sleep is something I've come to respect deeply and savour daily.

Building my self-awareness is also crucial for my emotional intelligence and mental health. By understanding my thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, I can better understand myself and make healthier choices.  I have found that self-reflection, journaling, and seeking support from professionals or loved ones can assist in this journey of self-discovery.

Although we acknowledge Mental Health Month, it lives all year long.  My humble advice is to take small steps towards self-care and seek support when needed.  Consider 1 small aligned action that you can do today—finding a therapist, calling a friend, taking a walk in nature or listening to inspirational music while focusing on your breathing can all bring you peace and mental clarity. 

"When one door closes, another opens"  has almost always been my experience so I never fret once I close a door.   Instead, I turn my attention to the future and all the possibilities in front of me.  With regards to my Niagara shop,  myself and the team have woven this experience into the tapestry of Maison Apothecare. I have such gratitude for the learnings,  the connections and the community there, so all is well.   What's next you may wonder?   Our little company is about to experience a whole new level of activity and growth that we've yet to experience and can't wait to share (hint: beyond our wildest dreams)!

Hope to see you soon either here in Oakville or beyond!


Happy Healing!